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Prior to donating, we would like to ask you to please review the current donation limits put in place by Elections Canada. You will need to register with Paypal to make contributions to the EDA. If you do not wish to register with Paypal, please click here to donate through the Conservative Party of Canada’s official website.

The Toronto Centre Conservative EDA has decided to use PayPal for collecting donations online, as many other EDAs have used it successfully. Please note though the following information WILL be passed along to the treasurer of EDA in order to issue the tax receipt:

Your Name
Your Address
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Your credit card information WILL NOT be passed along to us and will be securely processed with PayPal. If there are any questions prior to donating or issues with the site, please contact We are not responsible for issues with regards to PayPal.

To learn more about donating to the Conservative Party of Canada, please click here to access the donation site as well as the Tax Credit Calculator to understand the receipt you would receive.